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  • dekton

    How to Choose the Best Worktop for Your Kitchen: A Comprehensive Guide

    Choosing the right worktop for your kitchen can be a daunting task. With so many options available in the market, it's important to consider several factors before making a decision....

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    The Benefits of Granite Kitchen Worktops

    When it comes to selecting the perfect material for your kitchen worktops, granite shines as an exceptional option. Offering remarkable durability, heat resistance, aesthetic appeal, low maintenance requirements, hygienic properties,...

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  • Silestone Miami Vena

    Silestone Miami Vena

    We've just added the finishing touch to a kitchen refurbishment in Royston, and we're absolutely thrilled with the standout feature: the gorgeous Silestone Miami Vena quartz worktop. This is beautiful...

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  • Calacatta Gold Quartz

    Calacatta Gold Quartz

    If you're looking for a luxurious and durable material for your kitchen worktops, Calacatta Gold Quartz stone might be just what you're looking for. This beautiful stone is prized for...

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  • Calacatta fantasy

    Calacatta Fantasy Quartz

    A newly installed stone kitchen worktop can completely transform the look and feel of a kitchen, and this is certainly the case in a recent kitchen refurbishment we completed in...

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  • Luna Quartz

    Luna Quartz

    We recently had the pleasure of adding a luxurious Luna Quartz worktop to this amazing kitchen refurb in Bermondsey. Luna Quartz is a gorgeous composite material made from natural quartz...

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  • Blanco Maple Quartz

    Blanco Maple Quartz

    Have you seen our latest project in Bletchingley? We recently finished a kitchen refurbishment using a stunning Blanco Maple Quartz worktop that totally transformed the kitchen's look and feel. Blanco...

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  • White Storm Quartz

    White Storm Quartz

    Another Kitchen we had the pleasure of completing was a project in Brockley that featured a stunning White Storm Quartz worktop. White Storm Quartz is a composite material made from...

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  • Portoro Quartz worktop

    Portoro Quartz worktop

    Blue Pearl Granite Ltd recently completed a stunning kitchen refurbishment in Brockley, featuring a luxurious Portoro Quartz worktop. We're thrilled to share the details of this project, as it's a...

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  • Compaq White Ama

    Compaq White Ama

    We just wrapped up a kitchen refurbishment project in Bromley that featured an absolutely stunning Compaq White Ama worktop! It was the perfect example of how a great worktop can...

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  • Carrara Quartz worktop

    Carrara Quartz worktop

    Just wanted to let you know that we've recently completed a seriously impressive kitchen refurbishment project in Chigwell. We're over the moon with how it's turned out! The star of...

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  • Silestone Blanco Norte

    Silestone Blanco Norte

    Blue Pearl Granite Ltd recently completed a kitchen refurbishment in Chiswick, featuring a stunning Silestone Blanco Norte worktop. We're thrilled to share the details with you, as this is a...

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