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Lactea Quartz

Lactea Quartz

Blue Pearl Granite Ltd recently completed a stunning kitchen refurbishment project in Finchley Road, using Lactea Quartz as the chosen material for the kitchen worktop.

Lactea Quartz from Compaq is a high-quality engineered stone that boasts an elegant and sophisticated appearance. It is composed of natural quartz crystals, making it a durable and resilient option for kitchen worktops. Its light grey base with white and grey veins creates a beautiful contrast with the modern Light Grey Matt Kitchen.

The Lactea Compaq Quartz worktop is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it also features some clever design elements. The retractable plug sockets and extractor fan add a touch of convenience and functionality to the kitchen, while keeping the worktop clean and clutter-free.

The light grey colour of the Lactea Compaq Quartz complements the soft tones of the Light Grey Matt Kitchen, creating a cohesive and modern look. The smooth and polished surface of the worktop also reflects light, making the kitchen feel brighter and more spacious.

Blue Pearl Granite Ltd prides itself on providing bespoke solutions for each project, and this kitchen refurbishment in Finchley Road is no exception. The Lactea Compaq Quartz worktop not only adds beauty and elegance to the kitchen but also enhances its functionality and convenience.

Lactea Compaq Quartz is an excellent choice for a kitchen worktop due to its durability, aesthetic appeal, and functionality. It’s no wonder that it has become a popular choice for modern kitchen refurbishments.

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