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Granite worktops: the perfect choice for kitchens or bathrooms

River White Granite Kitchen Worktop

Looking to revamp your home? Give your kitchen or bathroom that wow factor with a beautiful granite worktop from the natural stone experts at The Blue Pearl Granite Co

Why choose a granite worktop?

For strength and beauty, nothing beats the timeless quality of granite. The geological process of compressing layers of molten rock over millions of years, creates an extremely hard surface with unique colouring.

Here are the five main reasons to choose a natural granite worktop:

  • Durability: granite is one of nature’s hardest surfaces and has unbeatable heat-resistant qualities, meaning it will not scorch or blister. Granite worktops are also unlikely to scratch or chip, making them a perfect material for your kitchen or bathroom. In short, granite will last you a lifetime.
  • Flexibility: whatever the application, granite is a perfect all-around choice. From an outdoor living area to a bathroom vanity unit, granite can be stylish while coping with the demands of high usage areas. Unlike man-made products, the natural colours of granite will not fade in the sun.
  • Low maintenance: most natural stones are porous, meaning they can be stained by liquids and household cleaning products. Fortunately, granite worktops can be protected with an application of sealer which will sheild the stone for years to come. Professionally installed granite worktops will never need replacing and can be cleaned with every day antibacterial cleaner and water.
  • Return on investment: installing a new granite worktop in your home will make your property appear more valuable and attractive in the eyes of buyers. By adding a wow factor to your kitchen or bathroom, granite worktops can increase your home’s market value and could persuade a buyer to choose your property. The durability of granite worktops also means that, unlike laminate counters, you won’t need to replace them.
  • Natural colours: from white and green to dark stone which glimmers in the light, there are a wide range of granite colours to suit any interior style. Because granite contains a variety of minerals, such as quartz and mica, each slab has a unique beauty and pattern. This means that no-one will have a granite worktop exactly like yours.

Remember, unlike man-made composite products produced in factories, granite is formed by the Earth’s geological processes. Millions of years later, the stone is then carved into slabs and polished to highlight its natural beauty.

Want to know more?

Whether you require a granite worktop for a kitchen, bathroom or outdoor setting, the key is to have them installed and sealed by an experienced professional. A well-maintained granite worktop will continue to provide natural beauty and durability for decades to come.

The Blue Pearl Granite Company Ltd supplies and installs quality marble surfaces, quartz, granite and other stone worktops for kitchens and bathrooms in properties across Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, London, Essex, Buckinghamshire and Cambridgeshire.

Leading companies such as Silestone®, Compac, iStone and The Marble & Granite Centre work closely with Blue Pearl to provide customers with the finest surfaces to finish any home.

For more information and a free consultation, call The Blue Pearl Granite Company Ltd on 01462 742 627 or email