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Substances that will stain your granite worktops

Stains on kitchen worktop

Granite worktops are beautiful and durable, but if they are not properly sealed they can be damaged by everyday substances.

Like marble and other stone countertops, granite is porous so will absorb liquids over time. That’s why it’s important to regularly seal and clean your stone countertops with the proper products to ensure your granite stays looking its best for years to come.


Here are some substances that will stain your granite worktop…


Water: you might be surprised to learn that even water will stain stone surfaces if it’s allowed to soak in. Ensure that you regularly wipe up any spills around sinks or kettles. Try not to leave wet cloths or sponges sitting on your granite worktop and dry surfaces after cleaning with a soft cloth,

Alcohol: your red wine glass can leave rings on your stone countertop. Clean up any spilt alcohol, particularly spirits, straight away. Use coasters to protect your worktop.

Soft drinks: if you enjoy a glass of fruit juice in the morning, try not to leave any residue on your granite worktop as fruit and other citrus foods such as lemons are acidic. Fizzy soft drinks such as cola are also acidic and contain strong colourings.

Oils: spilt cooking oil from pots and pans can leave permanent stains which are difficult to remove. Some foods also contain oils, so remember to use chopping boards or mats for food preparation.

Bleach/ammonia: common household cleaners can be very harmful to natural stone surfaces. Avoid using any bleach-based products as they can cause marking and discolouration.

Hot drinks: tea and coffee can stain mugs, and they can have the same effect on your countertops. Use a large mat for your kettle and drink preparation area.

Hot pans: putting a piping hot pan directly on granite can cause lasting damage. Although granite is naturally heat resistant, it can still be stained or even cracked by high temperature. Don’t take the risk, use pot stands or protective mats.

Fresh fruit: like fruit juice, the fruit itself is acidic and its bright colours can leave stains. Protect your worktops with fruit bowls and chopping boards.

Makeup: you might not realise how much damage makeup can do to granite countertops, Makeup is made from oils and dyes which can discolour natural stone.


How do I maintain my granite worktop?

Regularly applying a granite sealer will protect your natural stone surface from daily wear and tear. You also need to ensure that any spillages are wiped up straight away with a damp cloth. Surfaces must also be wiped dry with a soft cloth after regular cleaning with warm water or detox anti-bacterial spray and buff dry or a fila stone cleaner.


For oil stains, it is advisable to remove with a paste made from baking soda and acetone which is left on the stain for 24 hours before rinsing with water. You must reseal the stone surface afterwards.


Want to know more?

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